Showtime!: Speakeasy Tiger & Black Chariot

Murray Theater’s SHO room was filled with an energy unmatched by most shows that are played in the (annoyingly tiny) venue on Friday, October 16th. Though the show was originally scheduled to be played over in the much larger (and amazing) room for the actual Murray Theater, the electronic/indie band Speakeasy Tiger, along with hard-rock/metal-y band Black Chariot, played a set that still rocked the casbah possibly even harder with the much more personal crowd connection. Here’s the scoop:

Speakeasy Tiger

Speakeasy, from Denver, played their final show on this leg of their tour in Salt Lake, so there was no question that the show would be a powerful one. Regardless of expectations, however, the band went beyond what most of the crowd (including yours truly) was expecting. I honestly had only heard the 30-second snippets of the group’s songs on iTunes before walking into the closet that is the SHO room, but I’d felt that those gave a pretty decent representation of what the band would be like…

I was dead wrong. Sure, the little clips show the band’s electronic and dancey vibes (sounds somewhat like a more indie No Doubt), but their musical talent (check out the freaking keytar!) and energy could literally be felt from the audience. What’s more, you know that whole energy thing?

It’s contagious. And with this band, it’s like a freaking epidemic.

It kind of seemed like many of the other audience members were in the same boat as I was, not really knowing what to expect from the group at first. However, by the end of it all, EVERYBODY was dancing to the beat, jumping up and down in time with the super-catchy songs.

This is truly a band to keep an eye on. Check out their song "Limbs" from the album The Public down below:

Limbs - Speakeasy Tiger

Black Chariot

Aren’t band’s first shows supposed to suck terribly?

What with the nervous energy and confusion of venturing into an unknown land (the stage), most bands’ do. This, however, is not the case at all with local band Black Chariot. The group played a series of songs that ranged across many genres of rock, with an acoustic being brought into the mix partway through for a downbeat, romantic song, which was then followed up with a headbanging, song that had a mosh pit the size of the room requested directly by the band. True badassery indeed.

According to Tyler Needham, the band’s frontman/guitarist, the group strives to capture the sound in between hard rock and metal, not necessarily settling on any particular label. And capture they have, if Friday’s show was any indication. Keep on keeping on, BC. (You can find the band’s myspace page here)

Thanks for checking in everyone!

Check by tomorrow for Episode 8 AND (insert excited giggle here) next week for the Showtime! post from the Say Anything show on Monday!


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